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What are the reasons for the inability of the excavator to rotate?

06-08, 2022 / in Bearing Knowledge / by LDB

The excavator is one of the commonly used mechanical equipment in engineering construction. The slewing device is an important part of the excavator. It consists of a slewing platform, a slewing mechanism, a slewing bearing and other components. Whether the excavator can rotate left and right during work is inseparable. The credit of the slewing mechanism.

After the excavator has been working for a period of time, under the influence of the working load and the surrounding environment, there will be a phenomenon of inability to rotate. There are also several manifestations of inability to rotate, such as the sudden stop and sudden movement of the rotating platform of the excavator, and the low rotation speed of the platform. At 6r/min, slow power is insufficient, etc. What are the reasons for the inability of the excavator to rotate?

slewing bearing

1. The energy input to the hydraulic motor is reduced

When the rotation is weak, the hydraulic motor needs to be checked. The hydraulic motor converts the hydraulic pressure energy into mechanical energy output, so that the platform can be rotated. When the energy input to the hydraulic motor is reduced, it is difficult to overcome the rotational resistance of the platform, which will cause the situation to be weak or even stopped.

2. Failure of safety valve and oil filling valve

When there are problems such as the safety valve and the oil filling valve sealing, it will affect the speed of the excavator slewing platform. If these valves are worn, the valve core and valve seat will be squeezed by pressure, the sealing performance will be reduced, and the working pressure oil will leak from the oil charge valve, causing the excavator to fail to rotate.

3. The damping hole of the pressure limiting valve is blocked

Another point is that the pressure limiting valve orifice is blocked. Because the pressure limiting valve is often opened, the valve seat and valve sleeve are easily worn, and external impurities will enter the oil pump, causing the orifice of the pressure limiting valve to be blocked. When repairing the limit valve, carefully check the degree of wear, and it needs to be replaced if it cannot be repaired.

slewing bearing

4. Failure of slewing reducer and slewing bearing

The slewing reducer and the slewing support are all important components of the slewing mechanism. When the internal bearings, gears, etc. are worn, abnormal noise or vibration occurs. It will also affect the normal rotation of the rotary platform, causing the problem of slow rotation. The rotary reducer should be preheated and replaced on time, and the oil deposits should be checked in time.

5. Other reasons

Of course, there are many reasons for the weak rotation. In addition to the serious wear of the rotary mechanism, the blockage of various valves, and the problems of the hydraulic motor, the sub-pump of the main pump will also fail. In addition, when checking the fault, it is also necessary to check whether the hydraulic oil is invalid, whether the oil volume is sufficient, whether the hydraulic oil is too dirty, etc., which will cause the hydraulic system to fail, which will also affect the hydraulic swing motor.

The above is the analysis of the reasons for the inability of the excavator to rotate. When the excavator fails to rotate, it will affect the normal construction operation of the hydraulic excavator, so the user must repair it in time. When dealing with the swing fault, it is necessary to carefully check the operating status of the hydraulic equipment, check whether the swing motor and the main control valve are normal, measure the pilot oil pressure of the brake release valve, and so on.

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