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LDB's slewing bearings are strictly implemented in accordance with ISO9001 quality standards, and each link has strict quality control. All manufactured products have been inspected, and each product has a unique product number to ensure product traceability.

01. Raw Materials

All our raw materials 50Mn, 42CrMo and 42CrMo4 sourced from Daye Speical Steel Co.,Ltd, Xingcheng Steel; Magang (Group) Holding Co.,Ltd.

02. Raw Material Forging+Normalizing/Quenching and tempering

After Q&T, the forgings’comprehensive mechanical properties could be improved.

03. Rough Turning

After rough turning, boundary dimension must be inspected to ensure dimensions within scope of dimension processing technology.

04. Q&T Hardness Test
05. Raceway Quenching
06.Raceway Surface Hardness Test
07. Tooth Maching
08. Gear Hardening
09. Gear Test
10. Hole Machining
11. Hole Inspection
12. Assembly
13. Inspection for Finished Products
14. Mark
15. Packaging
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