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What are the reasons for the abnormal noise of the slewing bearing of the truck with crane and how to solve it?

11-02, 2022 / in Bearing Knowledge / by LDB

Since the slewing bearing of the truck with crane generally works under heavy load conditions, and the working environment of the truck with crane is relatively harsh, sometimes the slewing bearing will have abnormal sound. What should we do to eliminate this problem?

First of all, we should be clear that if the rotating bracket makes a small abnormal sound during the break-in period, it will automatically disappear in the near future. Because when the rotating bracket is idling soon after leaving the factory, there will be a sound of steel balls rolling evenly, which is a normal sound; in addition, the rotating bracket of the new device will automatically disappear after a while, regardless of whether there is a small abnormal sound. What we're talking about today is how to remove larger, more idiosyncratic anomalous sounds.

1. Abnormal sound caused by loose bolts, uneven surface of rotating support device

When the surface flatness of the equipment does not meet the requirements, the raceway will form a negative gap, and then abnormal noise will occur; otherwise, abnormal noise may occur when the pinion is not meshed well, which may constitute a broken tooth fault; in addition, when the equipment bolts are loose, the rotation The support is elastically deformed, and the deformation direction is negative. It is necessary to check and tighten the bolts immediately.

 slewing bearing of the truck with crane

2. Abnormal sound exists in the slewing bearing

When foreign objects such as sand and iron filings exist in the slewing bearing, non-periodic vibration will occur, and the problem of insensitivity to rotation will occur. In this case, all bearings, shafts, seat holes and accessories must be strictly cleaned before installing the slewing bearing, and the foreign matter in the lubricant should be removed in time to eliminate the corresponding abnormal noise.

3. The problem of smooth grease caused by abnormal sound

Due to the lack of lubricating grease, uneven lubricating grease, poor quality of lubricating grease, improper selection of lubricating agent, etc., the slewing bearing raceway has abnormal sound. To solve this problem, you can treat it with a suitable lubricant, fill and replace it in time.

4. The abnormal sound causes the sealing strip to break

Since the structure of the slewing bearing seal plays a key role in the seal, when the seal and the slewing bearing cannot be completely matched with the installation, it is easy to form a smooth oil leakage, so it is necessary to check whether the seal is worn.

 slewing bearing of the truck with crane

5. Abnormal sound caused by cracks, indentations or rust

When cracks, indentations or rust appear on the rolling surface of the slewing bearing, periodic vibrations of rivets, etc. can also be heard. With the transition of the smooth condition of the machine equipment. Such conditions can be handled by the application of high-viscosity greases in machinery and equipment.

6. The raceway is severely worn and abnormal sound occurs

If there is an abnormal noise during the turning process, then in this case, it is likely that the raceway of the slewing bearing is severely worn. At this time, the slewing bearing needs to be repaired.
In a word, the abnormal noise generated by the slewing bearing of the truck with crane is not only the special working environment of the truck with crane, but also our usual work habits. It must be regularly maintained during use.
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