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What are the factors that affect the life of the slewing bearing?

09-14, 2022 / in Bearing Knowledge / by LDB
In fact, when it comes to the factors that affect the life of the slewing bearing, there are many factors that work together to affect the life of the bearing. Many of these factors are difficult to express in a quantitative way and have a direct relationship with the bearing life, but in most cases, it also has a more or less impact on the bearing life from the side. For this problem, slewing bearing manufacturers start from the production and use of bearings. A detailed analysis of the factors affecting the life of the slewing bearing.


slewing bearing

1. Structural design

The design structure of the slewing bearing includes rolling elements, inner and outer rings, and cages. In the design, the diameter of the rolling elements, the number of rolling elements, the wall thickness of the ring, the effective length of the rolling contact, the tightness and the convexity of the contact surface of the raceway should be considered. shape and size. At the same time, the chemical composition of bearing production materials, oxides, impurities, gases and other factors have an impact on bearing performance and life.

2. Processing technology

The impact of bearing processing technology on bearing performance and life is a more critical part. In the process of bearing manufacturing and processing, the hardness, metallographic structure, burn, bump and surface roughness of the working surface of the bearing, the shape of the surface busbar, the thickness of the ring wall, the poor grouping of parts, the accuracy of the roller guide surface, the bearing clearance, the parts Cracks, residual magnetism and residual stress on the surface of the parts will also affect the life of the bearing.

3. Assembly and transportation

The assembly and transportation of the parts of the slewing bearing are also very important after the production is completed. The assembly accuracy, the adjustment of the gap between the parts, and the control of the installation details all affect the matching accuracy between the various parts of the bearing and directly affect the running performance of the bearing. At the same time, if you do not pay attention to the protective measures during transportation and the interval protection between the bearings, it is easy to cause bumps, deformation, corrosion and wear. Therefore, it is necessary to lubricate and prevent rust and protect the outer packaging before leaving the factory.


slewing bearing

1. Bearing selection

In addition to the level of production and processing, the influencing factors of bearing life are also closely related to our daily use. We all know that there are many types and models of bearings, and each model is suitable for different equipment, not only in terms of bearing model requirements. , and equipment has different requirements for bearing performance. The correct selection of bearing type, size, load size, clearance, accuracy, etc. can make the equipment and the bearing more suitable, and also affect the service life of the bearing.

2. Installation method

When the bearing is installed on the equipment, it is necessary to consider the size and position accuracy of the relevant spare parts. Choosing the correct assembly tool and assembly method can reduce the wear and deformation during the bearing installation process. During the installation process, attention should be paid to the cleaning and lubrication of the bearing spare parts and the bearing itself. , The adjustment of the clearance, the size of the preload, the choice of lubricant and the amount of filling will all have an impact on the bearing life.

slewing bearing

3. Working environment

The working environment of the bearing also has a certain impact on the service life of the bearing. For example, in harsh, high temperature, pollution, and water-rich environments, the use of slewing bearings may face more challenges, such as dust and impurities entering the bearing and causing wear, water vapor, etc. Bearings are rusted, and the contamination of grease or lubricating oil will seriously affect the lubrication and anti-rust effects.

4. Carrying capacity

The bearing has its own rated load from production, and the load capacity is also measured. The bearing capacity is affected by the bearing raceway hardness, raceway curvature radius, hardened layer depth, and raceway contact angle. It has been basically qualitative, to maintain the basic performance of the bearing and the load capacity that is balanced for the long-term use, if the long-term overload operation may have an impact on the service life of the bearing.

5. Maintenance method

What are the factors that affect the life of the slewing bearing In addition to the above-mentioned contents, the daily maintenance of the slewing bearing is also very important, mainly referring to the lubrication of the bearing, daily operation inspection, fault maintenance and so on. Under the condition of guaranteed lubrication, the average service life of the bearing can reach 5-10 years or even longer, and it will drop to about 3 months in the state of poor lubrication, so choose the correct type of lubricating oil and add the appropriate amount to the bearing. Extending life has positive implications. At the same time, the daily inspection and maintenance of bearings cannot be ignored, and small problems should be dealt with in time to avoid deterioration and affect production.

The above is the answer to the factors that affect the life of the slewing bearing in terms of bearing production and use. I hope it can help you better choose the slewing bearing. At the same time, if you encounter other problems in the selection and use of bearings, please feel free to write. Consult us.

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